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Dexter TV show – serial Killers and Brett Easton Ellis American Psycho.

Posted by Adrian on July 4, 2008

Remember Brett Easton Ellis controversial serial killer epic American Psycho? Written in the late 1980’s and published in the early 1990’s. A veiled criticism aimed at 80’s and 90’s yuppies, Wall Street investment Bankers and the meteoric rise of financial elitism and consumption; blended up through the eyes of Patrick Bateman a psychopathic investment banker. We get to see his neurotic vanity with products, fashion, women and human dissection. It’s dated book now in a lot of ways, especially the product placement, as the reader (at the time) tries to identify with upper class 1980’s and 90’s consumption i,e skin care/hair care, fashion, audio and visual products – all mind you are completely dated products now (VCR’s!). The overall dated concept of 1980’s yuppy consumerism, is that product affordability within modern 21st consumption is now widespread, rather than just the ‘elite’. In the sense we all could afford the ‘exclusive’ products with the mass of available credit, although that was pre the current US recession.

American Psycho is blatantly a book about a males (possibly the author’s) sexual frustration with women, which obviously becomes psychopathic. No book, movie or otherwise has described in such details the destruction of a woman’s anatomy.

But away from the misogynistic leanings of American Psycho, the core aspect of the book and the character Patrick Bateman; is the calm narration in detail of his gory exploits.

Dexter seems similar in that sense, even done to the clean, preppy college boy look. I haven’t seen the show yet. But I am looking forward to it, it has have some good reviews from older seasons.

I just remember in the early 90’s how fascinating serial killers were to a popular culture literature, are they making a return back into popular culture?

Who knows? Maybe…

But the twist in the serial Killer theme and the TV show ‘Dexter’ is a unique one, a forensic blood splatter investigator; is also a serial killer. A kinda of anti hero (he kills bad guys)

That is original concept.

Check it out


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