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B.P.R.D.: The Warning #1 (of 5)

Posted by Adrian on July 23, 2008

I forgot how endearing these comics are, Mike Mignola is a gifted writer with a distinct style. Note his success (creation) with the Hellboy character and movies (although adapted from comics to cinema by Guillermo Del Toro). The B.P.R.D (Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense) is a spin off from the Hellboy comics.

The stories in the B.P.R.D books are centered around the paranormal and urban myths/folklore of the last 100 years. So you got quasi cults from the 1900’s late 1800’s ranging from English Egyptian cults of the 1900’s, séance cults, museum curators, forbidden antiquities, various doom’s day cults of yesterday, resurrected mummies, evil Nazi occultism ; all tied in with interesting heroes that have depth and sincerity.

This is the sought of comic you read (if you can) in art deco flat on a winters afternoon.


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