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The morbius glass schlock, horror, 80’s, grindhouse, sex and violence movie marathon; Ninja flicks from 1980’s – Revenge of The Ninja

Posted by Adrian on August 13, 2008

I can see it now, the year 1983 walking into the cinema foyer with my dad to see a movie, in fact I can’t even remember what movie it was. Must of been crap, anyway a movie poster caught my eye, the movie? Revenge of The Ninja (1983), directed by Sam Firstenberg, starring then up and coming Japanese import to US martial arts movies Shô Kosugi .

The handful of movies that were created had a unique Ninja b-grade 80’s feel, with added sleaze, a kinda sleazy pornesque melodrama. Which was cool, bad acting, 80’s hair, 80’s bimbos and ninjas, mafia, death from flying stars and swords. Too me that holds a certain amount of charm, a nostalgic charm from a slew of movies made in the 1980’s that were destined to the VHS market but had a stint at the cinema (for a week).

The Ninja trend kinda died quickly in the West, I would say about 4 years into the mid 80’s. I remember my brother creating a ninja outfit; from memory it looked damn cool too. Martial Art shops sprung up, possibly not on the Ninja trip alone, but nevertheless you could hook up some Ninja goodies, the shoes, the flying stars, the climbing spikes (under the palm), the masks, the metal marbles (to trip up your opponent), jeez even the swords were available!. Until the regulatory bodies decided they wouldn’t want wanna be Ninja’s waging war on each other and slicing and dicing, throwing flying stars and generally going mental with a Ninja arsenal. So a lot of the weapon paraphernalia was scaled back to just the outfits (so you ended up making duplicates of the weapons in school metal/wood shops).

Suffice to say, the Ninja as far as a movie icon in Western cinema stays in that b-grade realm of violence, sex and pseudo Japanese mysticism. Ah but such a good mix, maybe the Ninja will return one day…?

Trailer for Revenge of The Ninja


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