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Secret Six #1. Written by Gail Simone; Art by Nicola Scott and Doug Hazlewood; Cover by Cliff Chiang.

Posted by Adrian on October 17, 2008

I like Gail Simone’s writing. It’s cynical, offbeat and doesn’t follow the straight line, or formula. Well there is style and I guess you could say formula in her writing. But her style which is a far cry from black and white scenarios, she merges a lot more chaos, unpredictability and individuality in her stories. Unique character traits because her characters do not follow the standard structures. She writes about the anti-hero, or the reality that no one is that good all the time (as far as comic heroes go). The Secret Six fits into this unique paradigm. Each character has issues, but they seem relatively stable and honest in their view of the world. I mean to a point where you can relate and identify with the characters, or maybe it’s the realization that since we all have gone through a time of governmental, society even scientific assumptions that theorized, ‘yes we know how humans think and act now’ or ‘we broke that mysteries human code’ and finally ‘yes they are predictable’. Hence our horrible leaders like that dreadful English Prime Minister Tony Blair (famous quote “Why, thanks to economic growth, billions of pounds of wealth has been created, not lost in … boom and bust” – 1999 speach) and his hopeless predecessor (that fool Gordon Brown – UK), not to forget the political joke (and a bad one) of the 21st century George Bush and also not to forget the slew of other ‘leaders; that made statements and policy pertaining that society and culture is a one track ‘stable’ mind (the joke is on them of course – re: economic chaos and turmoil). Remember George Bush’s ridicules verbal vomit when he said, ‘if you are either with us or against us’. The premise being ‘us’ a homogeneous mass of ‘yes men’ and ‘yes women’ (a society of dumbed down gullible fools, ok may that was true to a degree – but we are all snapping out of that now, right?).

My point is when you read Simone’s comics, particularly her Secret Six series, she kinda tears that one track homogeneous thought patten into a billion pieces, reaches the expectation that chaos and mayhem is the basis around culture and society. Which is basically the human condition (culture), of course at the end of the day, that chaos, that uniqueness and unfortunately at times mayhem and violence. Gives rise to progression that then fights against oppression and tyranny. Yeah philosophical, but what the fuck.

So, the Secret Six are heroes, they know what is right and wrong and that blurring line between, but it’s done with the expectation that at the end of the day, ‘what’s in it for me’ and ‘no I don’t work for you’ or believe in your moral crusade. Which is to serve your self interest and I end up getting shafted in the end. It’s the highest bidder that gets their attention, but the way the Secret Six are as characters, someone is always trying to double cross them.

Anyway, it’s a great comic, well written, clean art. Very much worth checking out. Recommended.

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