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Asian Leopard Cat

Posted by Adrian on October 30, 2008

how awesome does this cat look…

I heard about some guy from NYC that bought one, he said it tore his apartment apart. Although they are small cats.

The hybrid domestic cat is the Bengal, check him out (my cat)


2 Responses to “Asian Leopard Cat”

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    […]Asian Leopard Cat « morbius glass[…]…

  2. This is an Asian Leopard Cat and they should not be kept as pet except with the proper permits for use in a Bengal breeding program or in a sanctuary setting. Simply because they are small like house cats doesn’t man they make good pets. They are still wild animals. Many people in the breeding world who possess them for breeding to Bengal have many difficulties with them and have to employ special confinement, care, and feeding techniques to properly provide for their welfare.

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