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Blue Oyster Cult – Don’t Fear The Reaper

Posted by Adrian on November 3, 2008

My parents were hippies, memories of dad walking around with his shirt off wearing a necklace with a medaling hanging on it. Can’t remember what it said, but vaguely I think it said (in Latin) ‘go forth and populate’, I don’t know, I think. But mum and dad where essentially penniless hippies, dad liked a certain green herb, mum drank a lot of wine. Good memories, before the 80’s crept up and the 1970’s faded like a cheap pair of denim flares.

Still I guess I have aspects of that era programmed into my DNA (possible?. Don’t worry I aint no evolutionary psychologist advocate; those guys ran up the wrong tree IMHO).

My parents weren’t that into the Blue Oyster Cult, as such I don’t think the BOC were a typified ‘hippie band’, but hey they came out of the 1970’s; me thinks they were ‘trippers’ (the band). The album covers, look, vibe. I head about them in the mid 1980’s. Dad had an album. I can’t remember which one though. Regardless they were a cool band. Yes if you have been on the internet for the last 8 years you would have seen the ‘Gif’ that some nerd has used as their avatar. Which was the actor Will Farrell doing the ‘more cowbell skit’ (Saturday Night live). Very funny with Christoper Walkins who just makes the whole skit work. Still, the virus that is the internet, had that maniacal ‘Gif’ of Will Farrell banging the cowbell on every forum. You have to see it, hard to explain, although hard to find the ‘skit’ on the net. The internet nerds over killed it, as they do.

Anyway, awhile back one of my ex girlfriend’s and I were siting on a couch (my couch in my unit) looking at the stars. I had this cool pad were I was top floor, and the main window (lounge) I could look out at the stars. luckily there wasn’t another block of units blocking the view and the lights (street) were dim. So, you could sit there and look out at the universe.

I had ‘don’t fear the reaper’ playing in the background and a huge piece of space junk came crashing out of the atmosphere. It was an amazing sight, we both could see it (for a split second) breaking up than just vaporising into nothing.


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