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The Punisher is back! Or rather the writer Garth Ennis (Marvel Comics)

Posted by Adrian on December 22, 2008


After the incredibly well put together MAX run of Garth Ennis’s Punisher concluded, it was unsure if Ennis would return with another run. Obviously Ennis’s Punisher MAX run had finished on Marvel, replaced by writer Gregg Hurwitz and art by Laurence Campbell. Personally I am not into the new MAX Punisher run and the Matt Fraction’s Punisher War Journal has kinda died on the vine, also I am not a huge fan of Howard Chaykin’s art. So that leaves the Marvel Knights Punisher War Zone and because Ennis is an adaptive writer, this Punisher story doesn’t have the raw grittiness that the MAX series had, but rather a sardonic style, similar to the Barracuda run. Art by Steve Dillon, gives that caricature feel, especially the mobster characters. It’s going to be a short run lasting 6 issues, but it will be a fun worthwhile ride.

The gist. Well a bumbling ‘wise guy’ (funny intro in issue #1), saved by the Punisher (bumbling ‘wise guy’ was about to get whacked by another gangster) is used to discover the truth about merging and emerging east coast mafia families. Mafioso style schlock characters including the seemingly indestructible (head of the Gnucci family) quad amputee Ma Gnucci and a host of other characters thrown into the mix; and yes just for good measure the psychotic rich white guy who wants to kill the Punisher for killing his upper crust vigilante dad (Elite) – who indiscriminately murders the ‘lower class’.

Also other aspect of the story is Garth Ennis’s trademark strong female characters that often appear in his Punisher stories; in this run it’s the female police officer on the Punisher’s trail

Go check it out, another classic Ennis Punisher here.

Still Marvel has got 3 punisher series all running at once, Ennis’s Punisher War Zone, Punisher War Journal and MAX Punisher. A forth is also on the way which is a new Punisher run, yes this run has that dreadful t-rating Marvel marketing ploy. But all and all this is to get the market ready for the Punisher movie “War Zone” that will be released in 2009.

So it’s all sales pitches, but in a recessionary market environment, be choosy. I am.


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