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Israel has lost the plot in Gaza.

Posted by Adrian on January 15, 2009

The is a great quote from Sun Tzu ‘The Art of War’, it goes. “if the smaller side is stubborn, it becomes the captive of the larger side”. This quote could be interpreted as Israel as the larger side and Hamas being the smaller. But it can’t, instead it unfortunately reads the other way around. Israel is now becoming desperate and stubborn, especially with a cease fire being frantically pieced together by the UN and Egypt. The propaganda war has already being lost for Israel, whether deliberately or not the mass of civilian Palestinian causalities is so disproportional it is shocking.

The governments of the world and the UN, media and pretty much everyone agrees that Israel has gone too far and now is becoming entrenched in the same old error that America made in Vietnam, Iraq and next will be Afghanistan – a quagmire war. In which they become stuck in a continual battle that is un-winnable within the context of traditional warfare. The enemy adapts and adapts very well, entrenching positions and scaling back, relying on the other side to inflict it’s superior firepower that ends up killing a lot of civilians. Hence the smaller side gains a winning hand by showing the media the huge amount atrocities committed. If Israel is playing into this tactic, they will lose on a broader front, both from it’s standing in the world, it’s military antics and it’s political leadership.

So far Israel has targeted the UN three times, all from the excuse that Hamas has fired on Israeli positions near or in UN compounds. Of course all denied by the UN. What Israel could be doing is desperately trying to turn the media attention on Hamas, by saying Hamas are utilizing the UN as shields. This could be Israel’s attempt at demonizing the enemy. Has it worked? No. The media doesn’t buy it (because the have been banned independently from entering the Gaza strip), the UN certainly doesn’t buy it; so of course it will be another dent for the Israeli campaign.

Yet the civilian causalities pile up, disgraceful and aimless attacks on civilian positions serves only to weaken the moral of the campaign, both military and Israeli (home) support. Of course the US has a vested interest for Israel in the middle east which is to be it’s guard dog to watch Iran. So don’t expect too much from the incoming Obama administration.

Listening to some of theses Israeli officials, you wonder if these guys take some heavy drugs. Although an ex Israeli military commander did make a lot of sense in the media recently saying that the Israel’s outcome to ‘win’ this war, may not be achieved. Hamas knows this that is why they continue with their rocket attacks into Israel.

Hamas also knows they can’t win against Israel, it’s a deadlock with civilian annihilation (mostly from Gaza)

So some major negotiating has take tale place between Hamas and Israel. As demonstrated Israel could turn the whole Gaza strip into a desert. They both need to talk and resolve this once and for all.


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