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Posted by Adrian on January 19, 2009


I just picked this comic up, written by Mark Miller art by Steve Mcniven. Nothing better (as far as comics go) than seeing what Wolverine could inflict with his claws. So this comic aint for the faint hearted. It’s gore intensive to a point. An odd story or take on the Wolverine character, reminds me of an old western story where the gunslinger has hung up his gun (after a terrible event forced him to give away violence), of course we know eventually he comes around and blows the bad guys into oblivion.

Miller is a good writer and the artist Mcniven backs it up, with clean lines and a fluid story board.

The story, well 50 years ago Wolverine killed the X-Men by error. It’s alternative future, a decimated America with Wolverine and a blind Hawkseye wandering through the American wasteland.

An interesting ride, check it out.


2 Responses to “WOLVERINE # 70 (Marvel Comics) “OLD MAN LOGAN”. Writer: MARK MILLAR Art: STEVE MCNIVEN”

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