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morbius glass quote of the month – February 2009

Posted by Adrian on February 19, 2009

In light of President Obama’s new pledge to increase troop numbers in Afghanistan, there has been some murmurs in the media of the difficulty that Afghanistan will be and is to occupying forces. Russia knows this, the UK should know this but seems to oblivious to their own history in Afghanistan.

Of course one should question the motives and gain to have a huge amount of US troops in Afghanistan. One UK cabinet minister mentioned it was to secure the western security interests, in other words destroy Al Quada training camps. Haven’t we heard that before ? Say Tony Blair and George Bush Jnr Foolish rhetoric and stupidity with their war on terror. Unfortunately Barack Obama is going down the same path. I don’t hold much hope that Obama will change anything in international US polices; he will just shift the cards around but the hand remands the same. Still with US overseas policy remaining to be short sided and as dangerous as ever, Afghanistan is the unwindable war. No invading country has ever one a war in Afghanistan. Russia of course understands the failing of an Afghanistan campaign and will sit back and passively discourage the US from gaining any ground in Afghanistan. A recent good example of this is Kyrgyzstan (country that boarders with Afghanistan) goverment refusal to renew it’s lease agreement for the US to use an airbase on it’s territory. This occurred after Russia offered 2 billion in Russian aid and loans to Kyrgyzstan, essentially to push for the closure of the US air base. Which has now occurred.

So the quote is from an unknown, although I did see a some point a name, possible a military leader in the English army circa 1800’s.

quote reads as:

“Afghanistan is the country that swallows armies”


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