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Energy shot drinks

Posted by Adrian on March 13, 2009


I don’t do drugs, but I believe in decriminalization of drugs and a possible goverment legalized (current illegal drugs) drug supervision program.

Still I drink caffeine, I like coffee and occasionally drink energy drinks. No, I am not sucked into the hype of energy drinks offering better performance. But caffeine does have it’s benefits, although coffee making is an artform that many cannot master sans the caffeine benefit, it’s the taste baby.

The other day I bought one of these energy shots (not this one in the picture above but I would say they are all the same). Foolishly I drank this prior to work and would you believe (a few days later) when I was leaving work. This would be as close to a line of speed as you could get (no I have never done speed, cocaine or otherwise). Terrible, for sports it would give you a 10min rush, probably effective in sprint maybe, but rapid heart rate and possible blood pressure effects would be significant.

Verdict: Well if you want a legal rush this will do the trick. But I you are some silly kid who just finished watching a MMA fight and then downed one of these, you could end up throwing yourself into a neck crank…with a street pole.


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