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Posted by Adrian on April 3, 2009

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DVD Reviews – Planet Terror (Director Robert Rodriguez)

Posted by Adrian on February 26, 2008


As I mentioned in my expose of Japanese Grindhouse (refer here), in regards to the term Grindhouse. Which wasn’t a veined criticism (or maybe it is?) of the ideas behind the movie Grindhouse. That it is really a term not many people would get if they didn’t know their movie history. The kitsch aspect of Grindhouse era was the presentation of the Grindhouse movies, i.e sloppy editing, scratchy film, blurred colours, offset angles, crazy zoom action and so on. All that adds to the charm of the Grindhouse movie genre. Planet Terror duplicates all that, right down to the scratched film, blurred shots and the movie reel going haywire.

So it is understandable why the two movies were split from the one banner ‘Grindhouse’ and released separately aiming for the DVD market.

Planet Terror is a such a good movie, Rodriquez has thrown in all the things we love about the 70’s, 80’s b-grade movie charm. Lets face it Hollywood can make a movie that is so over budgeted and forgettable, but all these small budget, risque flicks that fell under the Grindhouse genre can still stand the test of time. Although Planet Terror would have had a substantial budget behind it, as oppose to the low budget b – grade movies that Planet Terror pays homage too.

I like Rodriquez’s style, he makes a movie that is action packed, blood soaked (his violent movies) and with a ton of schlock. The movies are fun and this what Planet Terror is, a fun flick. It would have been awesome making this, with Planet Terror you get 70’s psychodrama medical flicks (TV soap operas), that 70’s synthesized acid tripping music combined with 70’s George A Romeo zombie flicks, some 80’s zombie drama (military conspiracy, chemical warfare and a zombies), back to some Grindhouse themes of small American town psychosis, make the movie look old and scratched, show a missing real (“apologies from the management”) whilst a ‘deep throat’ inspired 70’s sex scene goes missing. I mean it’s a work of art, modern art, an in joke. Maybe most people won’t get it, and there would be nothing worst than having a movie ‘geek’ point out all the 70’s, 80’s Grindhouse/b-grade influences in Planet Terror.

But then again, to make this movie worth while maybe you should sit down with you wife/husband/girl friend/friend/special friend and go through some early John Carpenter flicks, especially listening to the scores, look at Carpenters ‘The Thing’ (gore), watch Dawn of the Dead, check out some early porn – that would be a good start.

Stand out scenes? Because there is a lot going on in Planet Terror, a lot of characters intermixing with the backdrop zombie theme, it’s hard to pinpoint memorable scenes. I mean, they are so many memorable scenes. The psychopathic doctor, who before checking patients, pops a thermometer in his mouth and checks his own pulse. That scene to me, is a Quentin Tarantino inspired scene, especially when the psycho doctor discovers his wife’s female lover ends up dead (brain scooped out by zombies), and he then crunches the thermometer in his mouth. Just small scenes like that, layered onto the main theme of the zombie plague about to engulf the world.

If you are an 80’s child (generation X’er) and you remember the huge amount of b-grade movies that came out of the 70’s and 80’s. You’ll love this flick, you will identify with it’s homage to a time in cinema when movies were churned out that that in someways, deliberate or not, had social/political/sexual/ and dissent messages.

Well worth checking Planet Terror, also look for the trailer of the Grindhouse movie that doesn’t exist (under Planet Terror clip) – Machete.

Machete trailer

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DVD Reviews – Legendary Weapons of China 1982 (Director Lau Kar-Leung)

Posted by Adrian on February 6, 2008


Confusion. A Shaw Brothers distribution, so expect some good Kung Fu fight scenes. The plot? Hard to say. Magical Kung Fu guys verses, other guys, with some magic using a variety of Chinese weapons. Also, this is a comedy, I didn’t find it funny though – but one scene was bizarre, hence it was funny. Magic Kung Fu, cult guys standing attention, cult guy master says to two pupils show your loyalty, one magic Kung Fu pupil guy rips his eyes out, does a flip then dies, next guy summoned rips his dick off, does a flip and dies. The sheer spontaneity of the scene with give you a chuckle, depending on your mental patience with this Kung Fu flick.

The thing is with some of these early Chinese, Shaw Brother productions is that the stories are like soap opera, hard to keep track of the characters, people come and go. The action is solid, yet drags. In fact the whole movie drags.

There are better Shaw Brother flicks and better Chinese Kung Fu flicks.

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DVD Reviews – Kaiju Big Battel: Shocking Truth DVD

Posted by Adrian on January 24, 2008


pic from: Kaiju Big Battel: Shocking Truth DVD

How can I describe this DVD? Think Power Rangers TV show , the Beastie Boys Intergalactic clip, Japanese Godzilla movies (where 5 foot plus guys in monster costumes are filmed to look like 50 story buildings), you know the fight scenes in the cityscape (model fake style) – refer to the Beastie Boys link as they paid homage to Kaiju, lastly the theatrical metal band GWAR.

The Kaiju Big Battel crew have taken the whole Japanese Kaiju homage to a new level – insert WWE style wrestling! Ok, this is pretty geeky stuff, but fun, these guys and girls have written up a whole story around the Americana style Kaiju; villains, characters (in fact there are more characters than you can poke a stick at), comedy, monster blood, goo, bizarre monster get ups. The live shows would be a blast I reckon, kids would love it, fun for the whole family. The Kaiju Big Battel crew obviously get a kick out of the live performances. Shocking Truth DVD has a slew of live action inserts from the wrestling gigs. Actually the Kaiju Big Battel wrestlers are good at what they do, it’s amateurish to a point, but the production and design is all top notch. I mean seeing guys in foam and latex monster unfits throw each other around a cage, you gotta see the humour in that.

Kaiju Big Battel: Shocking Truth DVD is a fun ride, good to see a ‘not’ mainstream production doing an entertaining and competent job. Like I said earlier the kids would love this DVD, maybe it might inspire them to make a costume and jump off the couch onto their brother or sister. But I don’t know how much your wife, girlfriend or otherwise would be into this; I mean if they can withstand the huge amounts of geekness you might be ok.

All and all fun. Check it out:

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Sacred Sin. Double DVD Limited Edition (Ninn Worx)

Posted by Adrian on January 19, 2007


Firstly the DVD packaging is stunning, simply beautiful. The fold out case, with the attached booklet and photos are an art piece in it’s self. The DVD packaging art is done in a Neo Victorian Gothic feel.

Micheal Ninn is trying to break the mold of the adult industry. Let’s face it, modern porn has dumbed down so much to the point of repetitive pointlessness. Ninn’s visuals are stunning, the soundtrack is atmospheric which is perfect for the story. The DVD starts at some-point in the1800’s Heather Vuur plays a woman fraught with anguish over the death of her son, her husband (Jean Val Jean) frustrated that Vuur is unable to come out of her mourning, ends up having sex with Vuur’s maid Jassie. Vuur ends up shooting dead both of them. Ninn’s stylised visuals and music score intertwines with the story as Vuur reveals her anger and dislike for God and her pact with the devil; whom she has become a servant. Fast-forward to present day, both Vuur and Jassie (now a disciple of Vuur) kidnap a young women; in which Vuur uses one of her devil minions to have sex with the young kidnapped woman (she is seduced). Enter the Detective Welch (played by Nick Manning), he also a man with a tortured past, with the death of his wife and child. Ninn keeps the dreamy, distorted visuals within the pace of this DVD. The editing is exceptionally well done. Especially with the scene where the Detective confronts his bible in his depressed state. In the background he is seduced by images of scanty clad women. These are well shot scene’s, with the detective holding his whisky bottle in one hand and a gun in his other hand.

Sacred Sin is a adult flick, the sex is worked into scene’s that are relevant to the story. In one scene Welch is promised (by Vuur) that he can see his wife again. In which he does in a dreamlike setting and has sex with her. Ninn appears to be addressing the right and wrong or the morality of religious interference in free will. You have Vuur on one side quoting to her self the importance of free will and how Satan is the true rebel that can release us from God’s restriction on our freedom. One the other side the troubled ‘Irish heritage’ Catholic Welch and his devotion to his Bible and his (and everybody else’s) moral obligation to God, to help him cope with life.

The soundtrack is by Eddie Van Halen (remember him?), eerie piano and synthesiser overlapped with a haunting female voice. The acting is good (seriously!), they all put in a good effort. Personally you could see Jassie become a potential mainstream actresses. She has a good presence, seemed to enjoy the part of Vuurs cohort. Heather Vuur puts in a stella performance (considering this a porno) as a mistress of the devil. Lookout for the scene where Vuur and Jassie sew shut the mouth and eyes of the Catholic priest.

There will be a Sacred Sin 2, as Welch (he puts in a good performance too) , is obviously going to confront Vuur as he is becoming the advocate for God. So it’s a good v’s evil thing, with a lot of sex in between. Like I mentioned before the packaging is amazing. The effort and uniqueness put into the layout, packaging and presentation of this double edition of Sacred Sin is very impressive. The accompanying DVD has extra scene’s, trailers and making of.

Michael Ninn could be on to something here. Worth checking out.

Ninn Worx homepage *please advise that this page may contain nudity and/or explicit imagery. Using this link you must be 18 or over.

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