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Recssionomics – EU’s new $7,500.00 coffee machines don’t work.

Posted by Adrian on March 25, 2009


You don’t have to follow the market’s to know that there is some funny things going on. Despite the extreme volatility (thanks to goverment intervention) in the stock market (not to funny for your portfolio and nerves), there are other strange occurrences. There is a term that’s getting used for some off center and quite frankly out of tune dynamics in our current global recession. It’s called Recessionomics, I guess it’s a clever (in the sense of an internet/pop cultural term) adjective to describe strange consumption in an economic recession.

One that comes to mind is the coffee machine fiasco at the EU headquarters. Those hyperactive market interventionists who have thrown a lot money onto the European collapsing economy (yes to save it), have also thrown money towards their coffee addiction. The EU budget boys bought 21 ultra deluxe coffee machines at $7,500.00 (USD) each. These machines where bought one year into the global economic collapse. So they get these machines and guess what? The coffee taste like shit, The EU get’s all crazy and complains to the Italian company that the coffee taste like liquidized turd. Hence a settlement is worked out where by the Italian company who sold the EU the machines will show the EU officials how to clean the machine and prepare a good espresso.

Also it was discovered that the was a high level of metals in the water that the EU uses, apparently nikkel. Hence the coffee tasting bad.


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