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Reviews October 2008: DAREDEVIL #111 (Ed Brubaker, Clay Mann, Stefano Gaudiano & Matt Hollingsworth)

Posted by Adrian on October 6, 2008

What a surprise this comic was. After years of depressing a great character down that being Matt Murdock/Daredevil by Brian Bendis. No offense to him, but desperately trying to humanize the Daredevil character ala what Frank Miller did with the Daredevil character 25 years ago (successfully). Bendis simply created an over serious character, that essentially stripped down any readers interest to nothing. It was a boring run. The new writer Ed Brubaker was left with that stilted boring approach (somewhat immulating Bendis’s style) and now it appears he is trying to throw it, can he do it? Well with DD # 111, he tries and succeeds. Away from that rigid, photographic style of art courtesy of Alex Maleev and Michael Lark, the new artist (Clay Mann) brings in some of that fantasy superhero style that we want to see (with doses of realism). A new additional character called Lady Bullseye. Yes a female reincarnation (not literally) of one of the greatest, psychopathic killers ever devised in comics – Bullseye.

So we have a return to the fun, violence, sex and interest (not to leave out the stern seriousness of Matt Murdock) to the Daredevil run. Miller may have instigated that fine balance of those three character developments (fun, violence and sex) to the DD character. The trick is can a writer expand and keep the flow? Not relying too much on the ‘ stern seriousness’ of Matt Murdock. We shall see.


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