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Comics February 2009

Posted by Adrian on February 16, 2009


Punisher #2. Living in Darkness (Marvel) Writer: Rick Remender Art: Jerome Opena

After such a good debut, this comic has gone down hill fast, real fast. When a prolific writer like Garth Ennis matured the Punisher character, it’s not a good indication to downgrade the Punisher character and make him look silly. Unfortunately this is what is happening with this run. The art looks rushed and sketchy. You know the fate is sealed for this Punisher story and the overall run, when the Punisher uses that horrendous internet term “meh” in his dialgoue.

Terminator #2 Salvation (IDW comics) writer: Dara Naraghi Art: Alan Robinson

This is just plan bad, rushed story and rushed art. Probably trying to whack this together prior to the movie release (Terminator Salvation) since the comic is a prequel to the movie. Save your money.


Deadpool (Marvel) Writer Daniel Way Art: Paco Medina

Hilarious. Way writes up an entertaining story. I like it. When you find yourself laughing when reading this, I guess that is a good sign. The art kicks arse, clean comic style art. To me that makes sense, I don’t mind more realism style comic art, but lets face it, these characters aren’t realistic manifestations. Still, the writer and the artist have got a good tag team going on here. Expressive characters with funny dialogue. Flawless comic.

X-Infernus (Marvel) writer : C.B Cebluski Art: Guisesspe Camuncoli

This is a good fun read and I adore Guisesspe Camuncoli’s art, very cartoonish and the character detail is something else! Latin surname artists seemed to get the proportions of female characteristics right in their eyes. A good thing?

The Authority (Wildstorm comics) Writer/s:Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning and Christos Gage. Art: Simon Coleby and John Paul Leon

Currently I don’t know of any superhero comics in which the super heroes are getting hammered (depressive story) big time at the moment. Except this one. The Authority are one of my favorite character groups as they cope with an end of the world scenario that has all but stripped them of their power. Intense comic in someways, diseases, refugees and manic armies roaming a devastated London. Good character analysis, especially seeing which ones can cope with traumatic events. Namely Angie (The Engineer) from the Authority; a sexy, tough and smart women. Check it out


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