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James Bond theme – The Man with the Golden Gun (sung by Lulu)

Posted by Adrian on November 19, 2008

Make no mistake, but I don’t like Danial Craig as James Bond, Casino Royale was an insult to the senses. Refer to The morbius glass schlock, horror, 80’s, grindhouse, sex and violence movie marathon; HP Lovecrafts – Re-Animator (1985) for an intro review of Casino Royale. Look, as far as I am concerned when James bond becomes an immature, whiny, self obsessed, manic depressed, hyper aggressor victim – it’s time to close down the franchise. Sorry, I am not that desperate for entertainment, mind you I do like mindless entertainment. But James Bond movies are not meant to be entirely mindless, right?

Again, a woman (from Casino Royale) tells James Bond (Danial Craig) to wear fitted suits!!! C’mon…

I haven’t seen Quantum of Solace (part 2 of the Craig Bond act), but the soundtrack it’s ridicules. A over the top contemporary operatic mess. Horrible.

Bring bank the humor, the suave, jeez just drop the whole serious Bourne Identity makeover (actually Bourne Identity was a good movie).

I liked Roger Moore, he did his thing with James Bond, He epitomized 70’s and 80’s self motivated ‘I am going fuck everything cool’ wearing an Armani. You gotta give his version of Bond credit for that, it was always tongue placed firmly in cheek. Get rid of this serious cry baby weak male act that Danial Craig is selling.

Anyway The Man With The Golden Gun, Roger Moore’s 4th bond movie and 9th in the franchise – was that kind of bond movie. Great villain (Christopher Reeve) and even better soundtrack sung by Lulu (damn she rocked!). That is what I like, a soundtrack that reminds me of whiskey, cocaine, 1970’s and 80’s, women, sex and suntan lotion. What a cocktail huh? Yet I was only a small child when all that was going on.



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