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The Punisher – Living in Darkness Part 1 (Marvel Comics). Writer: Rick Remender, Art: Jerome OpeƱa

Posted by Adrian on January 14, 2009


Again another fine release from Marvel, what’s going on? A lot of these new releases fall under the ‘Dark Regin’ sub heading. So what have we got here that differentiates Garth Ennis Punisher and Matt Faction’s Punisher? Possible a literary experiment from Marvel, tying in the three Punisher releases in time for the movie Punisher War Zone opening. I would be dubious if the quality wasn’t there for all three releases, but with Ennis powering out another memorable Punisher run and Faction hanging in there; another writer (Rick Remender) has taken on the Punisher script and dropped a bomb. Damn this is a fine start, nothing better than seeing a ‘black and white’ character such as the Punisher survive the complexity of the everyday world, complexity in the sense that The Punisher tries to deal with a situation, namely Norman Osbourne’s power grab after the Skrull invasion. Sort of a long story, but if just picked up this comic, Osbourne is a bad guy.

Add one Punisher who is trying to assassinate him, great opening sequence courtesy of art by Jerome Opena. Of course this plan to blow Osbourne’s head off is thwart by the Sentry, Marvels equivalent to DC’s Superman. So a straight kill of a bad guy (Norman Osbourne) kinda goes south for the Punisher, as a mere mortal with guns (Punisher) barely gets out in one piece after going toe to toe with the indestructible Sentry.

This Punisher (Remender) version could turn out to be a more gritter version of Factions’ Punisher War Journal.

Punisher – ‘Living in Darkness’ is off to a great start.


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