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The morbius glass schlock, horror, 80’s, grindhouse, sex and violence movie marathon; HP Lovecrafts – Re-Animator (1985)

Posted by Adrian on July 17, 2008

Firstly, just want to get something of my chest that is in someways, in fact a lot of ways is irrelevant to this blog post.

I used to be a James Bond fan, I got the tail end of Sean Connery’s run and picked up on Roger Moore as James Bond (as I was growing up), although lost interest between Pierce Brosnan and Pierce Brosnan (not that he was a bad James Bond, just the franchise was running dry, correct?).

Recently I saw the new James Bond Daniel Craig in Casino Royale (I know this is yesterday’s news, if anyone cares).

What a dreadful piece of junk of a movie, in fact it was excruciating to the point the DVD nearly got flung through the living room window (it was open). The producers are trying to reinvent the wheel, in fact Hollywood has made a meal of prequels, beginning of”s (prequels), remakes, part 3’s, 4’s, 5’s etc etc, in the last 10 years. So it is kinda shit sticking to shit with no where to go for new ideas. Anyway, remember when James Bond was a campy, well dressed, well groomed, chauvinistic killer of bad guys and a sex machine towards women (both bad and good) ? Well the new bond Daniel Craig (James Bond) aint , Casino Royale is laughable and sad at the same time. We learn how he mastered the trademark Martini drink (“shaken but not stirred”), in a poker game as he anxiously came up with the drink and commented by saying ‘that’s not half bad’; we also learn that he never wore fitted suits until his squeeze at the time suggested it, his balls (yes testicles) where tortured in a bizarre scene by a villain (lame villain) with a knotted rope and a naked James Bond sitting on chair (balls hanging through). Which essentially would have killed his sex life thereafter.

Fucking rubbish.

Feel better now.

Ok, gore and horror or horror and gore whatever way you want to see how gore fits into horror, or horror fits in to gore; the one thing for sure is horror films aint what they used to be. As Generation X become old and whiny (not to forget cranky) in our late 30’s, we do remember a time when music was music, films where films. A time when a movie was not just pumped out only to be revamped for the DVD market with ‘extras’. It was the anticipation for a new cinema flick, when a new movie posted would be put up on a billboard with ‘coming soon’ under it, no ‘You Tube’, no internet previews just a belated excitement of a new or coming release.

I remember this poster back in 1985, I think I just left seeing Rocky 4 (he fights the evil communist guy, remember?) and I saw this poster in the foyer area. It looked cool, HP Lovecraft? Who is that? Who cares, there is a head in a medical baking dish with a guy holding a fluorescent injection (poster below shows testube).

Suffice to say it was R and by memory the cinema at the time (near where I lived) was fairly strict with the over 18 thing, lucky for us it appeared on video pretty quickly after the cinema release and our old friend at the video store all those years ago let us rent it out. Yes the horror section was under the XXX adult section and yes we paused longer at the horror section, with eyes drifting upward towards the The Devil in Miss Jones 2 cover. But Re-Animator is one of the movies that for me sum up fond memories of growing up as a teen in the 1980’s. It is such a 80’s movie.

Re-Animator is tongue and cheek horror, with some nudity (courtesy of Barbara Crampton scenes) which still make me chuckle ( particularly the decapitated ‘reanimated’ head and naked woman scene). Mix in the mad scientist theme and his hapless assistant ( medical grad student), a great music score and you have a 1980’s horror classic. How close is this to HP Lovecrafts novel is any ones guess (I haven’t read it). But It is a movie of mayhem, horror, sex/nudity, craziness and gore effects. I always get the impression (when I look over the DVD once and awhile) that it was a fun movie to make, you get the feeling everyone was relaxed with this production.

There was some sequels after Re-Animator, mostly poor in comparison with this original.



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