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Wildcats #1 Worlds End Christos Gage; Art by Neil Googe and Trevor Hairsine;

Posted by Adrian on August 19, 2008

Wildcats – Worlds End #1 Written by Christos Gage; Art by Neil Googe and Trevor Hairsine

Another solid release from Wildstorm, the World’s End story arc from both the Authority and Wildcats is showing a lot of promise as an interesting development in the Wildstorm universe.

Although I still think that Captain Atom: Armageddon written by Will Pfeifer has been hard to top, he was able to bring a inter-dimensional 4-way, with Captain Atom from the DC universe, Wildcats, The Authority and Majestic. The ‘stranger in the strange place’ story (Captain Atom, y’know from the Batman and Superman universe) mixing up with a crazy Wildstorm universe. With the human race as a kinda helpless bystander, as the 4-way meet up raise hell on each other, with the backdrop being various US cities getting hammered. It was a great read with a cataclysmic changing event at the end. But that is where it ended, typical Wildstorm fashion it ‘died on the vine’ and the story just disappeared. Although there is a kinda dedux (although unrelated to the Captain Atom: Armageddon run) with the DC crossover DreamWar which I haven’t read.

Can World’s End finally get Wildstorm up and going and at least maintain the story arc and leave a nice lasting impression? Remains to be seen. Wildstorm comics has, to say the least, some of the best characters ever created for comics. At times handled extremely well by various writers. The Midnighter run was almost perfect, thanks to writer Keith Giffen; an open alpha and omega story (if that makes sense?), which is good especially with a character like the Midnighter. Very well crafted series by the writer (and writers – Garth Ennis and others) who even managed to extend it from that ‘safe’ 1-6 comic run most companies experiment with these days (Midnighter lasted 20 issues!). Not to forget Chuck Dixon’s The Midnighter/Grifter team up which again was excellent. So there are nice moments with the essential Wildstorm characters. With the Grifter being one of the coolest Wildstorm characters, a good adult character, I would love to see a stand alone comic with him. A ultra violent, sex ridden comic. I am not on the Wildstorm’s payroll, but a good suggestion is for Wildstorm to develop a Marvel style MAX comics style spin off (Wildstorm style); starting with a Grifter run, hey?

But Still Christos Gage, a talented writer has got the reins on the Wildcats World’s End story and it has done a great job with issue 1, clean and nice detailed art by Neil Googe and Trevor Hairsine. Despite my idea of a Max style comic series on Wildstorm, Wildcats World’s End has got that nice flow of violence and adult sexual innuendos (minus any high school drivel). So with the Authority stranded on a destroyed London, trying to help the little survivors out there, The Wildcats based in LA are trying to protect the decimated LA populous (what’s left) from gangs of post- humans (eating survivors). Whilst the Authority is holed up in the damaged carrier, the Wildcats are living in the Halo building (their base) and bringing survivors back for food and medical attention. Then the loony Majestic shows up.

So far so good for the Wildstorm World’s End with Wildcats #1 off to a stella start.


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Overview on Spotlight ‘Midnighter’ #11 and #12 (writer Keith Giffen)

Posted by Adrian on October 17, 2007


Just a quick update with the Midnighter run, Garth Ennis has left as writer replaced by Keith Giffen. There is also a new art team by the names of Chris Sprouse and Karl Story.

The stories take place with the Midnighter trying to understand his past, he is able to track down information about the town he grew up in, Harmony. To his surprise it’s a ultra patriotic town, run by a bizarre national security cult called Anthem. Basically guys in suits with American flags stuck on their faces, is Giffen having a dig at the Patriotic Act? Over insulated America values and the paranoia of national security?

In the mix is our favourite rogue homosexual good guy and killer of bad guys, the Midnighter. We soon learn once entering the town he is going to be set up (by Anthem) for a ‘situation’ involving an adversary. Suffice to say, this whole event is to make the Midnighter look like a criminal or enemy of patriotic values etc. The aim? So new laws can be introduce to reign in the Authority (Midnighter’s team).

Giffen gives the Midnighter’s character a little more depth in these stories, so it’s great that Wildstorm is allowing a character like the Midnighter to evolve independently from the Authority. Because he is an interesting character with a lot to offer, especially now with Giffen mixing in themes of so called American values, manipulated media, and the exploitation of social/society paranoia.

This is good comic, the art is fluid and gives good pace to the story Giffen seems to enjoy the development of the Midnighter character. But overall the bizarreness is there, a crazy patriotic cult, a cynical Midnighter uncovering a plot to defame him and with Midnighter’s trademark violence against the real evildoers of the world.

Check it out.

For the original Spotlight on Midnighter, please refer here.

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