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Comic Reviews December 2006 – THE OTHER SIDE #3 (OF 5) – Vertigo

Posted by Adrian on December 29, 2006



Vertigo put’s out some intelligent comics, The Other Side is one of those comics. A Vietnam war horror story. Written by Jason Aaron, art by Cameron Stewart. Two soldiers, one a North Vietnamese regular solider (Vo Dai) and the other a Marine (Everette) of his first tour of duty. The story is split in two, with both soldiers inevitably heading towards a confrontation and how they cope with a psychotic war. The horror aspect in this comic is that both men have visions of zombies and the dead haunting them and their guns and bullets urging them to kill – as they march forward to battle. It’s a psychosis of a story. Are they both going insane? Or are the dead a representation of the apocalypse, manifested by a pointless war? Urging them on, to die. There is a nihilistic aspect to the story, a hopelessness.

The Other Side also deals with the immense fire power unleashed on the North Vietnamese, and Viet Cong during that war. It deals with what that does to a society, tribal or otherwise. I am unsure how accurate the writer is in his representation of the Viet Cong as these single mined psychological deranged insurgents and North Vietnamese regular army as the fresh eyed recruits. Maybe he is correct. But there parallels are created to show to fresh army regulars, the Marine and the Vietnamese regular and the similarities in their march to their inevitable destiny on the battlefield. Again, were the North Vietnamese ordered on death marches?

The art is eerie, the action sequences amazingly structured. Memorable artistic standouts is a page spread (THE OTHER SIDE #2), showing the aftermath of a napalm attack and tigers ripping apart the dead, and mutilated corpses.

What an amazing comic, emotional, horrific and sad.

Go get this comic.


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Forecasts for 2007

Posted by Adrian on December 29, 2006

Here is a list of possible events for 2007, I say possible, so nothing is written in stone. But then again, life is uncertain. All these events are based in economic and social/political forecasts.

Disclaimer: These are speculated events, especially market, stock and FX markets. The following should not be used in any financial decisions. Morbius Glass blog does not recommend on acting on any economic forecasts written for 2007.

Economic forecasts for 2007:

The US housing market will further decline to the point of an accepted recession with housing.

This US economy will officially go into recession mid 2007, despite any potential rekindle of the housing market in late 2006 early 2007

The Federal reserve will cut interest rates early 2007, despite high core inflation. This will some what delude the consumer, the Federal Reserve will now be faced with chronic inflation.

Due to loose credit, household debt has skyrocketed. The ‘resilliant’ consumer could face a problem, once wages remain static in 2007 and companies profits may decrease. We may see an inability to pay off accumulated debts. Due to small to non existent pay increases. Unions may find strength again in 2007.

Inflation worldwide will be a major concern, as oil price will increase due to potential instability in the middle east namely Iran.

Europe will further tighten liquidity and excess cash. The European Central Bank will continue too fight inflation.

The end of the housing boom in the US will also follow through trend to Europe and the UK. Housing markets in both Europe and the UK will recede and finish.

Demand for Japanese products will slow, due to the US recession. Higher Oil prices will also effect purchasing power of the US consumer. We may see a return to $70+ a barrel

Markets to watch in 2007, will be technology markets. 2007 may indicate a tech boom again, or recovery from the tech bubble burst in 2000. New technologies, biotechnology and nanotechnology may all emerge as larger markets then previous years. Venture capitalists will be looking for the next big thing, as was the success in DNA research in the early 90’s. Go here for article.

Commodities, long on gold. Precious stones, diamonds will become a new investor based product.

Euro will still remain strong currency throughout 2007, the Yen will continue to decline as will the USD.

Social and political forecasts for 2007

A possible new conflict in the middle east, will Israel or the US be foolish enough to attack Iran? Intrade have got the odds at $6.00 if they attack in March 2007 go here.

Conservatism will die off in the US, although conservative views and politics will rise in Europe. Note recent changes in government from left wing socialist based government’s to right wing conservative governments in Sweden and Holland in 2006

The fall of conservatism and government reinforced 80’s based asset excess and 50’s conservative values that has occurred in the last decade; may be replace by possible mixture of socialism and/or anarcho-capitalism in countries such as Australia and the USA. As the US economy will shift gear and dramatically slow down to a recession, so will countries such as Australia and New Zealand. Governments that have mismanaged their economies and over taxed people and business, may see a backlash. This backlash may occur from a profit decease and a need to lay off staff. Which could entail a need to restructure of their business and become more autonomously based to survive. Using staff and management to help run and maintain the business through a global economic downturn.

Small retail business will return, as mega marts will decrease. The consumer will eventually prefer the community aspect of the local shop again.

Work place will change, and democracy in the workplace Will take place. Similar to Semco, Ricardo Semler experiment with his company in Brazil, go here for info

There will be a divide between the roles of women. Women will be expected to either stop at home and have babies. Or continue on with careers and financially independent prospects. The reemergence of feminism will be used again to solidify a women’s choice. Although feminism will be updated and relevant to the now. What is defined as ‘sexy’, will be now looked upon as a commodity based product. As opposed to sexual. Feminism may have a hard time trying to define female sexuality. As both the commercial appeal of sexy and sexual could become one sexual idenity (power based). There maybe a rethinking of female sexual roles in society.

Religion namely Christianity will attempt to push further into governments in the West. Islam will continue to be used in western counties, by christian right wing groups, that democratic freedom is potentially under siege. Islam will possibly reform and counter allegations to it’s detractors that it wishes to conquer the ‘free world’. Right wing Christianity and Islam will duke it out, but no one will care.

The War on Terror will end with a whimper. Historians will look back at it as one of the great military failures of the West. Iraq will divide in two, on one side the Shia’s and on the other side the Sunnis. Similar to Pakistan and India.

Or, Iran and Syria will be asked by the West to take over, The Arab/Islam world may use this a a collective victory against the West, namely America. It may unify both the Shia’s and Sunnis.

Or, the US sends hundreds of thousands of troops. Which would constitute to a proper invasion

Climate change will be the issue of 2007, as mild winters and hotter summers occur more dramatically. New animals may be included ion the protected list, law suits and claims may also take place against industrial countries – from smaller countries.

Nuclear energy will be the main driving factor in the climate change debate. This debate will divide public opinion worldwide and cause possible backlashes against using nuclear power. If another Nuclear accident occurs in either Europe or the US, it will be checkmate for the debate.

If nuclear power is the short term answer for the climate dilemma. A new nuclear arms race will take place, countries like Australia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Philippines and Japan will all develop nuclear weapons. Asian and the Pacific will eventually be Nuclear armed.

Islamic countries that were not allowed to develop Nuclear programs will see this as a double standard; and will basically go ahead and develop a Nuclear program. This could lead to various wars.

Bird Flu will reappear, plus various other new diseases.

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Top 5 comics year ending 2006

Posted by Adrian on December 28, 2006


1.Captain Atom Armageddon – Wildstorm

I really enjoyed this comic. The ‘stranger in the strange place’ scenario is always a solid theme if handled well. And Will Pfeiffer handled this theme very well. It was captivating seeing how Captain Atom interacted within the alternative reality, which he also learns (not by any desire of his own) that he will eventually destroy this reality and the known universe. Great cross over with the Wildcats and The Authority, well written interaction with The Grifter and the dilemma that Capt Atom had in the comic. Love story was a nice touch between the slightly dysfunctional Engineer (The Authority) character and Captain Atom. Always good to see ‘she likes me one day, she is trying to kill me the next’ love story theme.

Art was amazing (Giuseppe Camuncoli), action sequences still stand as some the best I have seen in a long time. Just a really enthralling comic, the fight between Grifter and Midnighter, Captain Atom and Apollo has got to be one of the best for 2006.


2. Secret Six – DC comics

No one in the world of comic writers, mixes sex and violence with a quirky off beat sense of humour as well as Gail Simone.

Secret Six had all this and more. Simone’s Secret Six showed how how to create a comic that could represent characters that aren’t clean and nice like others in the DC universe, yet hold your attention to them, be sympathetic with them and hope most of them will come out alive after this run.

With all that sex, intrigue, mayhem, betrayal and lunacy the Secret Six in some ways are now a major player in the same universe as Superman and Batman. Issue #6 will finish off this series. Who knows what will come next. Will Simone come back and do another Secret Six mini next year? I hope so. They have certainly left their mark thanks to Simone’s series. Great comic.


3. Punisher – Max comics

A solid, gritty and at times nasty comic. I loved it! Garth Ennis could switch from various world issues, dump the Punisher into these current situations and see how he fairs up. Slavers was one of the more memorable Punisher comic runs for 2006 (although they were all good), dealing with the sex slave trade mostly out of former Eastern Bloc countries. Well researched and put together.With the Punisher destroying as much as he could of the Euro to USA sex slave trade and freeing most of the women effected. A sad yet poignant reminder that the free markets and economic boom that has occurred also brought the exploitation of human beings; who missed the economic upswing.

Looking forward to Ennis taking the Punisher into 2007.


4. Moonknight – Marvel comics

This was unexpected. After hoping Marvel could lift their game with their publications. In other words put out a decent comic, amidst of the overkill of X-Men, Spiderman and the Ultimates etc. Along comes Moon Knight, written by Charlie Huston and amazing art by David Finch. Perfect comic for winter, especially Huston setting for the revival Moon Knight; which was rain, overcast and cold. Marc Specter whose alas is Moon Knight, is a beaten and pathetic man. His enemies see this as a time to attack him, at his most vulnerable – and they do. A brutal build up, as he fights (both mentally and physically) his way back to reclaim his identity as Moon Knight. The God of vengeance . It’s a rare moment when you get artist that can compliment the style of the writing. Finch handles this to perfection. In a lot of ways Moon Knight is a horror comic. The imagery is dark, creepy and some of the characters are horrific. Finch made the Taskmaster (main Moon Knight Villain) look very impressive. Can The Taskmaster ever be drawn again to match Finch’s style? Probably not. A dark, well written and violent comic. I am Surprised Moon Knight didn’t directly get it’s own MAX run. Still I would like to see the Taskmaster get his own run, that would be great.

An artists change for 2007 could disrupt the momentum (Finch is leaving), just have to wait and see.

How about Huston does a limited Daredevil MAX run?


5. American Way – Wildstorm

One of the more political comics to come out of 2006. Written by John Ridley (writer for Three Kings – movie). Innovating theme of propaganda and superheros set in the 60’s amidst all the political/social upheaval. Nice mirror of reflection in some ways to what is happening now. To keep the masses happy, the American government sets up villains and superhero’s as a spectacle to give something for the people to believe in. As the civil rights movement is trying to gain some momentum. It all changes when a death (accidental) occurs whilst a staged superhero performance takes place. The new marketing guy, suggest that they include an African American superhero – then everything goes south. Literally. The group divides, the Nation divides all because of the colour of skin. A racist serial killer is released amidst the fighting between superheros and chaos ensures.

A good story with a reminder that we should not always believe what we hear and see, and the governments usually are poor managers of the people.

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The Conscious Consumer

Posted by Adrian on December 21, 2006

With the mass consumption that has occurred from booming economies in the west. It is  good advice that we are conscious of what we buy and consume. Not entirely from ethical or even health perspectives. But more from financial and quality based. From the mass of products that have flooded our markets. How much of those products are honest in their representation? Remember most businesses or companies want your revenue, so their products are designed at times to appeal to the markets and it’s trends. There is nothing essentially wrong with that per say, but a conscious consumer should be fussy about the product they are purchasing. This includes foods, electronics anything you purchase – scrutinise.

Check out an article from CNNMoney written by Marc Gunther of Forbes regarding Kraft Guacamole dip, and Coke Cola Green Tea drink claims that it helps you burn calories, but as Marc Gunther of Forbes points out. You’ll need to drink A LOT of this drink to see any potential weight lost benefits. That means you’ll drop a lot of monies for this one, that is if you care about the calorie burn aspect.

A lawsuit has occurred recently regarding misleading advertising for Kraft’s Guacamole dip.

Read article here

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EUR/JPY FX Trading – Decemeber 2006

Posted by Adrian on December 21, 2006

The Euro trading against the Yen reached 156.63 yen on the 19 December 2006. The Euro has been a strengthen currency, especially against the Yen.

Article from Bloomberg regarding the declining Yen, possible exports advantage for Japanese companies. This may mean the Yen my further decline go here

setting take profit at 160 EUR/JPY.

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Comic Reviews Dec 2006 – Civil War #5

Posted by Adrian on December 18, 2006


Civil War #5.

The Mark Millar run of civil war draws to a conclusion (only 2 comics to go). It’s an enjoyable comic, not a great comic. It’s simple, ‘pulp fiction’ reading. I have criticisms of the way the Civil War comics have been handled; but the criticisms are not so much from the writing perspective but rather a business one. See, Civil War could be a better comic, a much better comic. Millar’s 7 part Civil War series is a basic read. A lot of the ‘guts’ have been taking out, it’s not a detailed comic, nor overly descriptive either. In fact it is not laden with much dialogue at all. It’s stripped down and palatable. The problem lies with the fact that Marvel have splintered off the more detailed story to Civil War Frontline (written by PAUL JENKINS). Breaking the Civil War story into separate comics is unnecessary, ‘tie ins’ are fine. But the Civil War ‘one shots’, the 1 to 14 part series Civil War Front line and the soon to be released Civil War Warcrimes. What does this all add up too? Well extra capital and extra sales on the Civil War title, which essentially should be ONE comic. Not two, with a third in the works (Civil War Warcrimes). One detailed comic, which would include the Frontline aspect written into the story, plus other aspects from Warcrimes. Spinning off the Civil War theme into various Marvel universe characters comics is fine. Millar’s Civil War should have more impact then what it does now, unfortunately Civil War (Mark Millar) will not be a memorable comic. By spreading out the product, you are making the reader want more, because of the dissatisfaction in the story and conclusions in the so called ‘core’ comic, Millar’s Civil War; the reader looks elsewhere, so you end up picking up Frontline. That’s over capitalizing the Civil War comic run, and just greedy from a companies perspective. Unimpressed.

So, on with the review. We see the unsure and the disillusioned turning their backs on the registration act. A battered and beaten Captain America regroups his side, new to Capt America team is the Human Torch (Johnny Storm) and Invisible women (Susan Richards) – who has walked out on that fool Mr Fantastic. We find Spiderman is losing patience with the justification of Tony Stark (Iron Man) fanaticism with the registration act, Spiderman bails (not after Iron Man tries to destroy him, or severally injuring him). The new Thunderbolts have been released. Jack O’Lantern, and The Jester track down a already battered Spiderman (courtesy of Ironman). Spiderman get’s another beating to the point of death, when the Punisher turns up and kills both Jack O’Lantern and the Jester. Rescues Spiderman, and takes him to Capt Americas hideout. Punisher wants to join Capt’s Side, justifying the reason that Tony Stark/S.H.E.I.L.D and Mr Fantastic are releasing known killers to hunt down the unregistered superheros.

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Comic Reviews Dec 2006 – Midnighter #2 (Wildstorm)

Posted by Adrian on December 14, 2006


Midnighter #2 (Wildstorm)

Not to be confused with Dr. Mid-Nite, although their costumes are somewhat similar. The homosexual Midnighter is a one track killing machine. Part of The Authority on Wildstorm Comics. For me Midnighter first appeared in Captain Atom Armageddon. One the best fight sequences in a comic for 2006 was the fight between Grifter and Captain Atom V’s Midnighter and Apollo. With an absolute brutal outcome for the Grifter, courtesy of the Midnighter and Apollo. I still feel Captain Atom Armageddon stands as one the best comics of 2006.
For the spinoff Midnighter run, Wildstorm have enlisted one of the most creative writers in comics today, which is Garth Ennis

The Midnighter who seems bored, chooses a country to cause some mayhem. Using the The Authority ship portal, he chooses Afghanistan (Ennis’s problematic social and political battleground theme in his comics). After devastating a US tank patrol, sparing one tank (Midnighter “Allah was merciful today”). He then returns back to the “Carrier”, only to be jumped and kidnapped going through the portal.

Midnighter is being set up by a character called Paulus , a rich industrialist, who has implanted a bomb in the Midnighter’s chest. We learn at the end of #1, that Paulus wants Midnighter to go back in time to kill Hitler. In Midnighter #2 we learn that Paulus is Jewish and his parents were murdered at Auschwitz . Ennis’s Midnighter has little patience for humanity, nor is he too happy being forced to kill for Phallus. Midnighter is sent back to 1914 (via Paulus’s time travel technology) during WW1 where a young Hitler is a message boy for the German field high command. ‘Black humour’ abound as the Midnighter appears in front of French and German troops who have gone bonkers killing each other in the trenches. Midnighter couldn’t give a damn about any of them or their pointless conflict. Funny sequence where Midnighter finds Hitler and knees him in the balls. Drags in over to a trench to kill him. Which the Midnighter says, ‘ I am going to enjoy this’. At this point as The Midnighter attempts to kill Hitler, Hitler and time freezes by what appears to be the ‘Time Cops’.

This is going to be a good series. Midnighter is a great character, obviously Ennis is going to make the Midnighter series a lot of fun to read.

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Fed leaves rates on hold

Posted by Adrian on December 13, 2006

Due to a very significant slow down in the American housing market, it is obvious that this is already becoming a recession in the housing market. How this will effect the overall economy is still early days. The stock market is still rallying, yet the USD is decreasing pretty much rapidly. Core inflation is still high and the Fed has paused for the second time to leave the interest rates at 5.25%. Is Bernanke losing control of curbing inflation? Is the housing market capable of slowing down or even sending the economy into a recession?

Basic information on what an Inverted Curve means and recession indicator here.

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Comic reviews Dec 2006 -Punisher #41 (Max/Marvel Comics)

Posted by Adrian on December 12, 2006


Punisher #41 Man of Stone Part 5 of 6

Garth Ennis is such a credible writer. Very creative and able to handle a few publications at once. Yes there are criticisms of writers that spread their work out, hence effecting their quality. Ennis is an idea factory, most idea’s he projects onto comics are very current and contemporary. World issues, terrorism and economic situations. Nice amounts of cynicism, and cold reality at so called ‘surgical wars’, wars of terror and inner urban conflicts. Marvel obviously lets him have a free reign on The Punisher MAX line, as I mentioned in an early review on the Civil War Punisher written by Matt Fraction. Marvels’s MAX comic line gives the explicitly that Ennis’s Punisher needs to have. The Punisher is a killer. In which Ennis uses the Punisher to confront the core, and critical injustices in the world. The Slavers, that dealt with the inhuman sex slave trade, Barracuda about dealing with Corporate/company crimes. Man Of Stone is another social and political confrontation. As usual Ennis intertwines a lot of stories at once, which is his skill as a writer in redeveloping and re-appearing old foes and other characters that have appeared in Frank Castle aka The Punisher’s life. The underline aspect in Man Of Stone, as Ennis has mentioned in his short, but significant comic 308. A conflict in Afghanistan, ‘everyone dies’. It’s an obvious commentary on ‘forever wars’ – or the futility of a conflict in Afghanistan and similar modern day conflicts.

A Russian General Nikolai Alexandrovich Zakharov (Man of Stone), trying to reinstate Russian dominance again in Afghanistan, is approached by Rawlins, a kinda sniffling and half assed ex-CIA plotting idiot. He wants the Punisher dead, or at least offers to have the Punisher delivered to Zakharov. So there is a mutual agreement that the Punisher can be resurfaced. As Zakharov will use the Punisher’s capture for his means as well. The bait. Punisher’s on again off again F-Buddy Kathryn O’Brien, ex wife to Rawlins

O’brien and the Punisher have so far destroyed most of Zakharov’s ex Russian Marines. Although the General isn’t such a push over, as he has a wild card strapped to his helicopter, which is a Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB). The General threatens to level a near by village, unless the Punisher gives him self up. The meet up is a the local village, where the Punisher is captured taken inside the chopper and the pathetic Rawlins somewhat interrogates him. But the Russians want him unharmed at this point. The Generals henchman throws Rawlins across the floor of the chopper, before he could do any permanent damage to the Punisher. The way Rawlins has been abused by his Russian partners has been amusing in this arc, adds to the pathetic nature of the character. At this point we know Rawlins is waiting for his moment. Suffice to say, O’bien attaches her self to the chopper (as it takes off) The Punisher (who hid a razor blade under his skin), cuts free his restraints and attacks the Russian henchman, shoots up the pilots, chopper is out of control General wants to release MOAB – but O’brien has cut the MOAB release cables connected to the chopper. So now the MOAB is stuck to the Russian chopper. She jumps off the undercarriage, Rawlins jumps of the chopper out taking the fat General with him (using him as a human landing pad), the last remaining Russian henchman jumps out after Rawlins (after he realizes that Rawlins has attempted to kill his beloved General). Finally the Punisher jumps out, obviously close to O’brien as The Punisher is able to shield O’Brien. Sort of a comedy of errors and blind luck. The chopper goes down with the MOAB. The artist Leandro Fernandez gives some great details with the concluded huge MOAB explosion and the Punisher shielding O’brien. Nice full page art.

In someways it is an anti-climax. The General lying (presumably critically injured) after Rawlins used him as a landing pad. Rawlins then able to distract and cut the throat of the Generals last remaining henchman was just too easy. To have the Russians build up a formidable force and then have them allow a pathetic character like Rawlins tow along. Which he eventually ends up outliving his Russian superiors. I guess that is fate, and that’s Ennis’s irony in his comics. I was disappointed that Katherine O’brien was killed. She was a good character. Her death occurs after the Punisher and her walk away from the chopper and the MOAB explosion. Only to have her step on a land mine. It was abrupt and sad ending for her. A strong female character snuffed out of a comic again. It happens a lot in Daredevil, either they get snuffed out or just disappear of the rader. She didn’t have to die, I could have seen a spin off series with her in it, would have been great seeing a MAX series with Katherin O’brien. Oh well not to be, she is dead. Her last words, ‘get Rawlins’. Her messed up, betraying, pathetic ex husband. He has luckily gotten through most of the Man Of Stone arc. But I presume #42 of The Punisher (conclusion of Man of Stone) is where it will end for him.

Again sad to see O’brien go, I liked her.

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Comic reviews Dec 2006 – Welcome to Tranquility #1 (Wildtstorm)

Posted by Adrian on December 11, 2006


Welcome to Tranquility #1

Gail Simone is a great writer, I have always enjoyed her comics. Her Secret Six on DC is, in my opinion, one of the best comics of 2006. Violent, sexy and quirky, with a nice mix of Gail’s humorous writing style.
Tranquility has her similar style, but it’s is a story about a town (Tranquility) where retired super hero’s and reformed villains end up. One of the advantages of the Windstorm universe, is you can keep expanding it; since it’s seems infinite (infinite earths?). So the story doesn’t seem out of place, the super-being ideas are fresh, brand new (albeit oldage). So in that sense, Gail and other writers can expand or come up with new ideas, like making super-heros and villains age and retire. Tranquility is a story about these retired super-beings.

The story starts with the Town Sherif Thomasina Lindo in discussion with a reporter and her camera guy. Of course the media attention that the Sheriff and the town are now getting is timed (by coincidence) by a string of incidents. The senile and eccentric old superhero Maxi Millions crashes her rocket car in the street, almost killing the occupants, the Sherif and reporter.

Even though Tranquility has been a town of the old and forgotten superheros and reformed super villains of yesterday, it appears something is in the works in Tranquility. The town might not so Tranquil after all.

Simone keeps a good momentum through out the comic. She also has a kinda sarcastic humor. I feel it’s stab at rigid aspects of conservatism in America. A subtle cynism for traditionalism, and stereotypes. A good example of this, is the book’s heroine (the sheriff) takes the reporter to Chick’n & Go (Tranquility’s fast food restaurant). She introduces the reporter to some old timer super heroes, including two old guys who comment about the ‘ debonair’ older superhero gent – who introduces himself to the reporter. The two other elderly retired super-heros make a comment on that ‘he is gay right?’ The Sheriff dismisses the assumptions by saying that she ‘slept with him’, whilst eating her food. It’s funny seeing that it’s a bunch of elderly men gossiping, and it’s a rational female who dismisses the rumors by telling them of her real sexual experience with the old ‘super hero’ guy. That is a nice touch swapping sex stereotypes, the gossip from the old guys and the level headed female.

Some ‘punk’ kids enter the diner, this is where the story really begins. After a fight with these young hoods, one of the elderly ex super hero’s is lying stabbed in the chest.

The mystery begins.Tranquility is going to be an interesting read. Nice clean art by Neil Googe.


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